The aviation and travel industry is filled with highly specialized roles. Generalist recruiters take the volume approach, are recruiting across a wide range of industries, and in most cases have never worked in senior talent acquisition roles inside an airline or travel focused company. Aviation Talent’s years of experience inside dynamic and fast-growing airlines give us the specialist skills required to immediately understand what the client or the job seeker requires. Finding the perfect fit is always hard for companies and job-seekers, our specialist professionals ensure a clear understanding of the role in the company, targeted screening efficiency and ultimately a higher success rate with each and every hire.

Our Placement History

  • Pilots / Cabin crew
  • M&E
  • Operations Control
  • Network planning
  • e-commerce
  • Revenue Management
  • Crew Resources Management
  • Safety, Security, & Quality
  • Strategy & Regulatory

Our Competitors

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Aviation