Genki Talent is not your average manpower placement and advisory firm. Our experience building airlines and travel companies from the inside offers the clearest understanding of what C-level leaders and HR professionals need in talent acquisition. Our team will work with you to attract, screen and acquire the top talent in the business.
Within our specialist businesses of Airline Talent, Aviation Talent and Travel Talent, we have the specific expert resources to deliver the talent you need.


For driven and ambitious job-seekers, Genki Talent offers a direct pathway to quality job opportunities at leading airlines, aviation and travel businesses worldwide. We build an inclusive and perceptive understanding and appreciation of your unique skills and capabilities, the better to match you with the ideal employer to take your career to the next level.
Our sector specific businesses, Airline Talent, Aviation Talent and Travel Talent ensure close targeting of opportunities, or cross industry job moves.

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We know from experience the importance of long term clients and always focus on delivering win-win results. For both Business and Talent clients, we will never stop working until a completely successful result is achieved.


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